First look wedding photos

Jill + Eric’s Classic and Fun Normandy Park Wedding

Fun fact: Jill is actually a coworker of mine! I found out she was getting married in Normandy Park, Washington, and I assumed she already had a wedding photographer. I decided to ask her who her photographer was, and she told me Alesha with RoveCoast! I reached out to Alesha on Instagram asking if she had any second photographer opportunities so I could gain more experience. Bless her soul, she asked if I wanted to second shoot Jill’s wedding and it was the easiest YES!

Photographing a friend on the most special day of their life was an incredible experience, and I am so glad I was there. I want nothing more than to be friends with every single person I photograph for their wedding. The warmth, the comfortability, and the fun we share with each other on this day is even better when we know one another! This is why I highly encourage Facetime/Zoom consultation calls – it truly allows us to get to know each other and see if we vibe. Plus, then we can follow each other on socials and maybe even have a little girls day together!

This day started with me going to vibe with the guys as they got ready for the day. It’s easy for the getting ready photos to be all about the brides, but photographing the groom and groomsmen can be an ABSOLUTE BLAST!! They bring so much fun energy to the table – they kick back and relax because they don’t have any makeup to do, right? They grab a beer and share so many jokes and laughter. I hop right on in with the photos and connect with them too and it’s one big party!

After the boys were done getting ready, we hopped on over to Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park for their first look and wedding party photos. If you’re considering having a first look, I can’t recommend it enough! Check out my instagram post on why to have a first look – here!

From there, we shuttled all back to Normandy Park for the pre-ceremony party! The beautiful green grass with their gorgeous pastel florals made for the perfect Washington summer wedding. The rest of their day was full of so much shared laughter and fun dancing. We even hit up the beach for some romantic newlywed photos! Check it out below.