Flagstaff, Arizona romantic photoshoot at Buffalo Park

Emily and I go wayyyy back! Her and I used to jump off the roof that was inside my house onto a floor piled with pillows hahaha. That’s what we did when we were left unsupervised😂 We also have a few too many embarrassing videos that are still on YouTube to this day👀😅 I haven’t seen her in years, and I was so so happy to see her again and photograph her so happy with Angel🥹

Buffalo Park is located in a cute little town called Flagstaff in Arizona. Most people don’t think of snow when they think of Arizona, but it’s up north! Northern Arizona actually gets a ton of snow, and a lot of people love to ski/snowboard at Snowbowl (you’ll see the mountain I’m talking about).

I went to school at Northern Arizona University and graduated in late 2018. Since then, I have come back to visit Flagstaff every year. I absolutely love it. The town is filled with pine trees, mountains, snow, sunshine, adorable boutiques, and is nearby some amazing locations. Mount Humphreys is the mountain everyone snowboards or skis down – personally I love to go there in the summer for the gorgeous fields and scenery haha. Just about 2 hours northeast of Flagstaff is Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. I haven’t made it to Antelope Canyon yet, but Horseshoe bend is a must see!

Buffalo Park is a huge park with a pathway that has little workout challenges beside it – how cute! When it’s not still packed with snow (we did not plan for this much snow hahaha), there’s large open fields that looks out at Mount Humphreys and Mount Elden. This park is perfect for running, jogging, a nice walk in the field, or just to enjoy some air. In the summer, you could totally have a cute little picnic here too!

Even though we weren’t entirely prepared shoe-wise for the amount of snow still on the ground, Emily + Angel made the best of it and were troopers! The Flagstaff greenery, mixed with their bubbly personality, and the gorgeous mountains made for the perfect couples session. Their love and personality really shined through in these photos, and I am so so grateful I got to capture it for them to look at forever.

If these cotton candy clouds, gorgeous mountain peaks, and long walks speak to you – go to Buffalo Park! And if you’re feeling extra fun, gets some photos taken 🤪