What to look for in a wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can feel like a lot of pressure, because you’re spending thousands of dollars on someone to capture your day. That’s a lot of money!! But it definitely doesn’t need to be stressful. Let a girl help you out 😋

  • Price point – Determine your budget and see what you both want to prioritize. If photos are important to you, you might have a higher price range that you can shop with. Location is a huge factor in the cost of a photographer as well due to cost of living.
  • Style – Do they shoot more candid photos or formal and posed? Are they more true to color or are their edits a little more creative? Light & airy? Dark and moody? You want a style you love as these photos are once in a lifetime.
Bride standing and groom squatting facing the waterfall
Bride and groom kissing while bride holds back of neck
Bride and groom run into waterfall together in their wedding attire
  • Personality!!! – are you looking for a photographer who you can connect with and you feel just gets you? A quick way to see if you connect with a future photographer is to set up a consultation call with them – they’re free and are great at answering any questions you have and checking compatibility.
  • Value – do they offer things other photographers don’t? I.e. second photographer, wedding album, polaroid photos, etc.

These are just a few things to consider when picking a photographer who is going to represent your love the absolute best!<3

As a Washington + travel wedding photographer, I can say that even if you decide to go with another photographer, don’t feel bad! It makes us happy that you found someone you can trust and vibe with, because ultimately, it’s your love story.

Happy wedding shopping!