This is THE BEST Weather For Photos

I’m from Arizona. The place with all the ☀️ and that also feels like 🔥 in the summer hahaha. I moved out of AZ, because I was tired of all the sun, the desert, and mainly the heat. So I came to WA which is exactly the opposite. I didn’t realize how much I missed the sun until I left, but I am learning to make the best of it by realizing my photography can thrive up here! I am obsessed with WA scenery and love that I can still shoot on a cloudy day. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t have a business lol. Rain in AZ on the other hand, especially in monsoon season, is a disaster. You’d get swept up like the house in Wizard of Oz 😂 If you know, you know hahah.


Let me tell ya, when you live in Washington State as a photographer, you can’t be afraid of the clouds. Yep, I’ve had to reschedule before – who hasn’t? BUT, overcast days are your friend and here’s why:

  1. You can shoot earlier in the day!! Okay I love golden hour too, but what you are gonna do when it’s been nothing but doom and gloom all week? Golden hour is typically much later in the day – sometimes at 9pm – but if it’s overcast out, the lighting is still perfect at 2pm!
  2. You don’t have to worry about super harsh shadows in your photos. If your shoot is mid-day, you will have to be very cognizant of your placement in regards to the sun. Typically, you will need to be positioned in the shade to prevent the twelve o’clock shadow across your face. But with the clouds, every spot is in the shade! It softens the lighting making any spot great for your photos 🙂

Check out the photos below and notice how the lighting is great in various spots!