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Van and Garry ~ destination wedding

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Sawadee kup! Ella and I just got back from Van and Garry’s amazing wedding in Krabi, Thailand. Rumour had it that the couple actually spent a single day visiting more than 10 resorts in Krabi and there was something about Tubkaak Resort that spoke to Van and Garry… it was the perfect resort for their wedding. Everyone that has organised a wedding before knows how much effort is required, can you imagine having to organise a destination wedding that is easily 10-15hrs away on average for anyone? Yup, it was never going to be an easy task: flights, availabilities, accommodating everyone, hair (for Garry) and make up… it all seems so long ago when we first got the email from Garry…. and not long after, the invite arrived in the mail! I have to admit, a week before their wedding I was already packed. I even got a new bag just to haul all my gear securely! I was excited! There was nothing more important than making sure I had everything… batteries, flashes, cameras, memory cards…undies… hair straightener (hey, my hair gets all curly in the tropics alright)

Our time with the couple included hanging out with them on their combined ‘hens and bucks’ at a local pub named PADDY’S… it also included one rather dodgy strip show, performed by *CENSORED*. But for a small donation towards a useful cause, I might be persuaded to share the identity and the money shot from the night. Oh my eyes, they still hurt from having to witness Garry’s ping-pong show…. oh wait, I was not meant to say that!

So I found out a couple of interesting details about the couple, such as: Garry is the one that spends more time in the bathroom, more time on his hair and the one with more clothes. He is also, the one that cooks….awww, Van, you married the perfect girl man! I shouldn’t judge, Ella would probably say the same about me. And Van: she’s definitely the brains of the dynamic duo! Just kidding! Van’s got a wicked laugh, she’s always cheerful and smiley! And she’s just about the most easy going and relaxed bride ever! We also love a bride that isn’t afraid to get her dress dirty. You’ll see what I mean!

The ceremony will always be special to Van and Garry for some many reasons: not just cos their family and closest friends were there, but also cos Van’s niece, Annabel, played the violin as Van walked down the aisle. Van’s other niece, Sophie, serenading the couple to Taylor Swift’s LOVE STORY – watch out X Factor! And of cos, speeches by Garry’s brother Matthew, Van’s brother Cung and Van and Garry’s friends: Thao and Dom. Special mention also to Karon’s rendition of Bic Runga’s Sway and also the I.T support by Senri and the dedicated party coordinator, “PC” and Jenny.

Guys, thank you again for your warm hospitality and letting us share in your special day. We truly felt like part of the family. This is one wedding that is going to be hard to beat!

Here’s a preview of the wedding pictures and the slideshow